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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 19, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this monday, august 19th. take a look outside on what is a pretty nice start to your work week and first day back to school kids. good morning everyone i am sarah simmons. >> welcome to the first day of school edition. good morning. >> good morning! everybody is headed back to school. >> it doesn't feel like it, does it? >> seems like they just got out. >> they should go all year. one day when i am president, i am going to sign off on that. >> you didn't even see your kids all summer. [laughter]. comfortable start to today, low 60s. 65 up in boston.
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raleigh 67, chicago 58. we are dealing with fog early in virginia. it is spreading further north. dulles fog, cull pepper fog. must of the activity will stay to the south. we'll have risk of scattered showers in the our forecast. it will not rain all day like yesterday. temperatures warmer than yesterday, 80° for daytime highs. plenty of clouds. back into the sunshine along with warmer temperatures. details in just a few. >> all right. thank you, tucker. >> let's check in with julie wright. >> prince george, faulkner, got
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to get back to the books. southbound 270 good shape. no issues coming out of gaitersburg. all of our lanes are open. accident involving single utility poll. shut down portion of 227 at briarwood road. roads in virginia, volume increasing eastbound on 66 coming in from business 234 minute nas cis coming in from centerville. i-95 slowing continuing on through wood bridge. >> thank you, julie. it is a school day for hundreds of thousands of students in maryland. >> that's right. the school year in prince george begins under new leadership. ceo kevin maxwell was the
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superintendent in nearby an rondo county served as teachers, and administrator. full day pre-kindergarten classes for hundreds of four year olds living in neighborhoods. they are part of transforming neighborhoods including after school and prevention for dropouts. >> new this morning, oscar pistorius will stand trial for murder. prosecutors say he shot and killed his girlfriend at his home last valentine's die. oscar pistorius claims he thought he was shooting an
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intruder. >> also the murder in manassas. >> this man is accused of kills his -- he became enraged and high on pcp. a fairfax county judge has allowed cameras to be allowed in the courtroom in 20 years. >> some critical meetings today, attorneys for governor and wife marine, the lawyers will try to convince the justice department not to file charges. investigators are looking into whether mcdonald helped a company and accepted gifts. talking sports, redskins will
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host steelers tonight. >> steelers coming off win. robert griffin iii isn't expected to play. you can catch the play tonight at 8:00. >> local intersection getting a major upgrade just in time for the start of the school year. just in time, a new week in egypt. we'll tell you about that, time now 6:06. 
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>> making head lines around the nation and around the world this morning, still no word on what caused smoke aboard a flight and forced to make emergency landing
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at philadelphia national airport. thankfully no one was hurt. passengers were put on other planes. right now more than 1,000 firefighters on the ground trying to contain 160 square mile fire. more than 2,000 families have had to evacuate their homes. the fire has been burning two weeks and 9% contained. in egypt today, suspected militants have killed 24 policeman in northern sa nigh. sa nigh has seen daily attacks since the july 3rd ouster of islamist president morsi. the government is not calling it
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a coo. that would require cutting off of u.s. military aid. >> the law is what the law is. president is in defiance of the law. when there is military take over, our aid must end. >> most of the military most of the aid has been delivered, all except four f-16s and helicopters. >> the muslim brotherhood is showing no backing down. >> coming up at 6:11, a safer school year in one prince george's neighborhood.
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>> welcome back to "fox 5 morning news." time now 6:14. lee daniels the butler is no. 1 at the box office. took in 25 million dollars in debut win. loosely based on reae of white house butler eugene allen. did pretty good. >> i would still like to see it. i haven't gone. i see it is pretty good. >> cost me a little bit more money. >> it is all about the ads. >> we have a traffic camera legion bridge. >> can we do that? it paints the picture.
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>> look at the fog. that is the fog on the potomac. we had the rain yesterday and relatively cool temperatures. that really is giving you a sense of what you can expect. >> could make it difficult to see the kiddies. >> including faulkner county. >> south and west, turn the radar on to show you the fog, that is the yellow you see. the fog is becoming most dense. it is getting close in front royal, manassas, cull pepper. up to dulles visibility a mile. we are going to mix up the
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atmosphere. visibilities will gradually improve. i want to show you visibilities. no issues in washington. half mile along manassas. cull pepper, visibility to the west. check out high temperatures. reagan national, 74° only? that is 13° below afternoon, dulles bw marshal, we should see temperatures low 80s for your monday. 66 in washington, 59 in gaithersburg, 61 manassas and dulles 72. 63 in leonard town. mix of clouds to start your day. we had that storm come through
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yesterday. we are dealing with the upper level piece of energy. that will give us plenty of cloud cover, we will see some shower activity late morning, early afternoon. scattered showers through your monday. we will get this east of us. tomorrow back in the sunshine, back near 90. much more summery week. 82 tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday, 90. cold front friday should cool us down, little less humidity. we are going to be on the warm side for much of the week. that is the forecasts julie wright has the roads. >> all right. tucker. no issues to report for the folks coming off of the inner loop leaving tysons out for 270.
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lanes hear are open. no accidents reported between fairfax and montgomery county. back to school, clark county, prince george keep the eyes peeled for the yellow buses. georgia avenue, this is the camera shot, we have reports there was a stalled truck blocking the westbound lane. we are keeping a close eye. travel slows in virginia out of manassas towards centerville on i-95. we had a vehicle stopped in the hov lanes. that since has cleared. leaving lorton headed out.
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that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you. there is ongoing safety alert making sure everyone stays safe inside and outside the classroom. >> there have been 12 pedestrians involved in crashes along pennsylvania avenue between darnell drive and walter's lane and forestville. new $180,000 crossing signal has been installed to make it safer for pedestrians. >> high traffic area, dangerous and dark and needed in the community. >> there are also new signs and flashing lights to warn people about upcoming pedestrian crossing. >> we'll check in at new york how you can help retailers.
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>> as the nation's capitol plans to commemorate martha washington memorial, e-mail us at or twitter at my foxdc or facebook. time now in 6:21. 
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>> in today's business beat, how stores are cashing in on security camera footage. why you may not be able to sleep through work exercises. live in new york, good morning to you, happy monday to you. >> reporter: happy monday,
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wisdom, how are you? >> i percent can't complain. let's talk about how these security cameras are cashing in. >> there is new camera equipment that allows stores to take the security footage and improve to cater more to the customer. something ranges from $99 a month to $999 a month and there is an app called "prism." they can create charts and heat maps to help businesses improve their ability to target customers. aclu is concerned about this data getting misused. >> that's right. we can see how this plays out
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everybody being concerned about security. mind flash, people have to take online training and don't pay attention. my flash should change that. you may have to. >> no more clicking through online clicking through work. there is a camera and it tracks your eye movement. you can't walk away or play out, you have to do your work. they say the ceo wasn't there to penalize the workers but get the information when it comes to law enforcement and health care. we see eye tracking in galaxy phones. if you play sports highlight or youtube video, it pauses.
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maybe they don't want you to miss the punch line. >> they are all out to get us. [laughter]. jolie, thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> still ahead in next half hour, sports junkies join us live with the keys to the match up with monday night steelers. tucker will tell us when the heat and humidity will be back. time now, 6:27. 
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>> welcome back to "fox 5 morning news" time now 6:30. it is monday. hear the music, that is perfect.
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a lot of people going back to school learning about history, science, math, english. >> the book learning starting back for faulkner county, virginia, morgan county, west virginia, what is the other one? >> fredrick. >> i know we talk about this every year, we talked about about this earlier. if we forgot about a county, we apologize. >> kids don't read books, it is all ipads and computers. >> is it all on that? >> they are trending. >> everybody has to have a laptop or something, ipad. tablet. that is the word i am looking for. >> that was on the list. >> they are providing them. >> all of their assignments will
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be on there. >> modern technology. you have to evolve or get left behind. >> the book bags that weigh too much. pretty soon you'll just have a tablet. >> everything will be e-mail. >> i have five seconds for west. 66 reagan national. little warmer than yesterday. clouds in the live shot. chance for scattered showers. best chance this afternoon. a lot of what you see south and west isn't making it north. in time for the redskins game, showers will be east. we should be dry and temperatures in the 70s. that is great for people headed out for early celebration of the season. 81, few showers this afternoon. that would be 8° warmer than yesterday. >> okay. officially done. you don't have much to talk
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about with the weather today. >> tony, tucker, great getting back to school question. >> all right. >> cool. >> just a little bit of fog. let's check in with julie wright with the latest on traffic. >> all right. traveling around town this morning kids getting back to school, keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians and yellow buses. southbound 270 south of 109, no accidents, just volume. outer loop of the beltway slowing headed through silver springs, 95 and 295 quiet coming in out of laurel. different picture on the west side of town dealing with the fog out of manassas towards centerville. northbound i-95 lanes open,
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backing up through stafford 31 miles an hour. lanes opening headed for the beltway. that is a that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. . >> prince george's a new year brings new school ceo. all part of a new initiative. fox 5 mel. >> >> reporter: prince george is the second largest school district in the state. this is a beginning of a new era now that the county executive has been given more control. we have 650 new teachers plus new pre-kindergarten program part of this transforming
6:34 am
neighborhoods initiative. start east river dale, hillcrest, marlowe heights, langley park. this initiative connects at-risk parents and resources. it means full day pre-kindergarten for children. dr. kevin maxwell also new to the school system. first ceo to be appointed by county executive baker. they agreed to give baker power and control over the school systems 1.6 billion dollar budget. it brings him back home. he grew up and still lives in
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prince george's county. we are looking to get consistency. prince george county has had five superintendents in the last ten years. it is hard to get and keep programs going with things changing. dr. maxwell says his goal here is to try to remain superintendent or we should say ceo in prince george's county at least eight to ten years. we'll be talking to him live in the 8:00. back to you guys. >> melanie, thank you very much. >> ribbon cutting ceremony for the new 22 million dollar dun bar high school. the same site that housed dun bar since 1977. a new swimming pool and
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interactive white boards. wow, high tech. >> we are evolving. >> also in the news, jury selection begins for the man charged with murdering a teen. >> julio garcia is accused of stabbing her to death. he became enraged when fam took a wrong turn and high on pcp. trial expected to last two weeks. cameras allowed in the courtroom. >> closing arguments could be underway in bradley manning. he faces 90 years in prison while working as analyst in iraq. >> in egypt, ambush that killed 23 members of the police.
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>> it is not clear what happened. the government says they died while trying to escape. it was relatively quiet in cairo compared to last week when almost 900 killed. here at home, members are split whether u.s. should cut off aid. >> fox 5 follow up, ambulance dispute is expected to come to a head today threatening to drive the ambulance to the battalion headquarters in district heights. new collective bargaining agreement four career firefighters be staffed on each ambulance. morning side maintains it has enough volunteers to run its station. fires that broke out on two d.c. ambulances last week appear to
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be accidental according to documents obtained by "washington post" and likely caused by malfunctions or poorly done repairs. police are looking into fire at the request of the city to make sure no one tampered with the vehicles. still ahead at 6:00, a look at tonight's steelers vs. skins monday night match up. >> we want to see your back to school self-ies. >> use your cameras, tweed your pictures to myfoxdc. time now is 6:39, we are back after this.
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>> all right. redskins take the field at fed
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ex for monday night pre-season. hello, what is going on? >> for the record, tucker and i are crashing your party. >> more important, are sarah and allison coming to the party? >> yes! we are going to be there. >> smooches. [laughter]. >> let's talk football. we have a good monday night football while you are having your thing with sarah. we can talk about rg3 or? >> i am tired of talking about rg3. only thing you want to know if he'll be dressed. >> he'll have his helmet and pads. kurt cousins is nice, but i am
6:43 am
the top dog on the redskins. don't forget about me while i am injured and kurt cousins is running. >> we are so desperate of video of rg3, i am going to watch. >> we were talking earlier off camera, pre-season is so mind numbing. >> it is. i can't believe we have two more weeks of these meaningless games. everyone wants week 1 of the regular season to get here. >> defense is something you want to see the unit start to come together. they have a lot of new guys in the secondary, drafted david amorson and a lot of talk about him emerging as a new player. >> this is unusual. the way the schedule played out, this is the pre-season game,
6:44 am
probably most of the starters get most of their action. the way it works out, third and fourth pre-season games will be the back up games. >> pre-season will get more mind numbing and worse, it is football, i can turn away from lifetime -- the other channels, my wife is watching. [laughter]. it is the first day back for schools. what was the most exciting part about the first day of school for you guys? >> new when it was over. >> lunch. [laughter]. >> i remember that being torturous. i hated school. >> i remember our moms dressing us in plaid pants. >> remember the tube socks with the stripes? burgundy and gold stripes.
6:45 am
>> we went to pointer elementary school. we walked home, best part is when he heard that last bell. >> guys, thank you very much for sharing those fond memories. we'll see you later on in the show, we appreciate. >> tucker barns? >> what is wrong with the tube socks? >> you still have them on, don't you? >> someone told me two years, don't wear those. >> he is at the gym thinking he looks all cool. >> they are going to make a come back. >> i have seen people wearing them? >> with the stripe? >> oh yeah. weather is going to make a come back. temperatures warmer, up near 80, 90 by tomorrow featuring more heat heat and humidity.
6:46 am
[laughter]. all right. let's do the school bus forecast,>> faulkner count, virginia, morgan county, west virginia. >> prince george county. >> fredrick county, maryland. >> everybody headed back to school, partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 60s to start your day. up near 80 this afternoon. warmer than yesterday. 66 washington, stuck there last couple of hours. 64 annapolis, 50s west and north of gaithersburg and fredrick, 59°. showing you visibles. manassas visibility half mile, culpeper mile. we have fog off to the west.
6:47 am
that is an issue. partly to cloudy conditions, threat of showers moving back in. scattered showers around this afternoon upper level piece of energy comes through. once we get east and west, we'll clear out later tonight. redskins game, dry. temperatures by tomorrow, upper 80s near 90. 82, plenty of clouds, winds out of the south at 5-10. 67 tonight, partly cloudy. accuweather seven day, 90 wednesday, thursday, before a cold front late in the day friday will bring us cooler and drier air for the weekend. temperatures back in mid to upper 80s saturday and sunday. >> beautiful. >> do you know what time it is? >> what time is it, tucker?
6:48 am
>> it is time for ask tony and tucker. >> do do do. >> nice, sarah. >> tony will not be joining us today. he is taking much needed time off and relaxing. this is a segment tony and i put our heads together a answer weather questions. today is school related. this is shabozo who writes: why don't -- in sixth grade, why don't school bus companies add seat belts? >> very good question. >> a car has seat belts. i learned a great deal about school bus and school bus safety i didn't know. here is the bottom line, school buses the way they are currently configured are 40 times safer,
6:49 am
that's right, 40 times safer than average family car? >> how is that? >> they are built differently than cars. there is a process called compartmentalization that takes place. because of the way the seats are arranged and the foam seating, it creates a much safer environment for if occupants than a car does. >> okay. >> they have done study after study. government has been heavily involved on school bus safety, national highway administration, when buses are hit, it is from the front or back. what will happen to the occupants, they'll get thrown into the foam seat in front of them. the real deadly injury risks are
6:50 am
minimal in a school bus compared to a car. >> still they wouldn't be thrown forward if they were in a seat belt. >> funny you should ask, there are a couple of processes that make it more dangerous. with smaller children, it is a process called, "submarining" where if there is a sudden stop, they will slide under and more dangerous for them. it is less dangerous to not have a seat belt, also the cost, it is amazing how many school buses on the there are 440,000 public school buses across the country that carry 24 million children. in order to put $8-$15,000 to
6:51 am
put safety belts in, the bottom line they think it is safer. >> let's be honest, we would have tied each other up. >> you know what, sarah, that is one of the issues because of the heavy belts, you would have to go through every child to make sure they are fastened properly. >> how would you make sure everyone was buckled in? >> that is the other point. school buses are not cars and built differently and safer. >> good info, tucker. >> perfect. >> it is still an issue, many groups want safeways to apply safety belts. >> okay. >> okay.
6:52 am
>> good info. >> go to if you have a question you want answered. >> that is the magic bus. [laughter]>> we'll get into that bus, later. meanwhile, let's talk to julie wright. >> is that the bus you were on, tucker? the magic bus? [laughter]. >> once or twice. >> that explains his grades. eastbound 66 coming in through vienna, lanes open, 66 traffic leaving manassas, just heavy volume headed in to the capitol beltway. let's continue with the cameras, traffic southbound 270 before and after 109. leaving university boulevard trying to get passed -- 175-32.
6:53 am
just a reminder, tucker and wisdom have been talking about this, it is game day for the redskins fans and gates open at 4:00. the travel home is going to be congested with folks headed to the game. plan your trip accordingly getting home. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thanks, with the virginia governor and wife face questions on the scandal. >> time now is 6:54 this monday morning.
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>> thank you, holly. tame for our facebook fan of the day. we say hello to leelonay philips. for a chance to be tomorrow's fan, post a comment below this beautiful picture. that does it for the 6:00 hour. let's take it over to allison and wisdom. i am just leaving. >> i like it. things are fine. >> monday morning. see you in an hour. >> many kids, let's be honest, they are not happy about it. >> i was happy when i went. >> most parents can't wait. i wanted it to last forever. first day of school is upon us.
6:59 am
>> here for tens and thousands in maryland, virginia as well as west virginia. prince george's county, what can students and parents expect this year? we are live at the schools with the ceo who takes over this year. >> we go right to the top. also a big meeting involving virginia governor's "gift scandal" what lawyers for bob mcdonald and wife want to tell. >> volunteers are pitted against career firefighters, we'll tell you about that, "fox 5 morning news" at 7:00 starts right now. >> this is "fox 5 morning news." >> time to wake everybody. i guess you have been up, you have been watching wisdom and sarah. time to stop hitting snooze. 7:00, monday morning, august 19th. good morning to you, i am
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